Vice President  --  Gary Hunter

​​Member of:  NRA, NSSA, Association of the United States Army (AUSA), American Legion, Eagle Scout
Retired from the US Army in 2011 with over 24 years of service.  Currently employed as a Department of the Army Civilian as the Test Operation Lead for the Army’s Tactical Directed Energy (High Power Lasers).

I am honored and want to thank the ASSA shooters that elected/re-elected me as the VP of the ASSA since 2014. I just recently got back into competitive skeet shooting in 2009 after a 15 year absence.  Thanks to nationally known shooters like Larry Krutsinger, Mark Haughs, Alan Cotney getting me back into the competitive grove!  With this mentorship and motivation from the entire ASSA/NSSA shooters this helps the officers of the ASSA striving to improve the ASSA as a whole. We are developing the new ASSA website, bringing effective structure to shoots and broadening the number of shoots across the state.  My biggest thrust as I learned in the Army and I want to apply within the ASSA is “Recruiting and Retention” of the ASSA and across the country!  So “Take a Kid Shooting” and continue to recruit former/new shooters and get them on the range!  Also want to mention the fine work our ASSA active clubs like Muscle Shoals, Madison County Shooting Sports Association (MCSSA/Sharon Johnston), MARS/Redstone Arsenal, Red Eagle, Headland and FT Rucker working with our youth, new shooters with lessons/instruction, effective and safe skeet shooting techniques, while getting these shooters into the competitive shoots!  Keep up the great work!  Look forward to seeing you soonest on the range having three shells at station eight!

NSSA State Director -- Larry Krutsinger

Member of NSSA with xx continuous years of skeet shooting.   

US Army - Retired 

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Chief Referee -- Bill Zupko

The Referee Test is available from either the NSSA and the ASSA website.   For those who are interested in becoming a Certified Referee you only need to take the test and complete the application form!  You can then email the documents to me (bzupko@gmail,com) and I will grade the test and sign off on the application.   The completed application will then be sent to NSSA with a $10.00 handling fee and the process is done!   If you have questions, feel free to ask me at  Go to the Referee Resources Page for all links,

NOTE: The Registration is now good for a THREE YEAR Period!

Treasurer  --  Jason Watson


Secretary  --  Charlene Bertus

President  --  Roy Jorgensen 

President, ASSA Inc.
Life Member:

Retired from the US Army in 2014  with over 35 years of service as a Department of the Army Civilian employee.

Having the privilege  of  serving as the President of the ASSA is an honor that I greatly appreciate and I will do my best to lead this organization in a way that benefits all members!  Our sport is suffering from a significant decline in participation from its current membership and a lack of growth due to our failure to attract new young shooters!

My efforts will be directed towards rebuilding the club base and encouraging new participants in the sport of skeet shooting.

NSSA State Director -- Michael De Angelo

(H) 205-221-3312            (C) 205-522-7742              (Email)

          Thank you for allowing me to serve as your NSSA State Director! I am an NSSA Life Member and have been shooting Skeet for over 35 years.
          During my traveling to compete at different skeet clubs, I have learned that it takes a large amount of support from local club members to make this sport a success.
          Skeet shooting is a wonderful sport and we need to share it with everyone we come into contact with. Everyone from pre-teens to senior citizens (and all those between)! These people need to be invited to become involved in this sport; to learn about their local clubs; and understand their State Association.
          My goal is to encourage each and every one of us to introduce at least one NEW individual to the sport of skeet shooting; serve as their mentor; coach; cheerleader, whatever it takes to bring new participants to the field!
           If you have any ideas to share, or need additional information or assistance, please call or text me!