ALABAMA SKEET SHOOTING ASSOCIATION, INC.  (ASSA)
                                                                                                         Revised:  8 Nov 2015

Article I
The name of the Corporation shall be: Alabama Skeet Shooting Association, Inc.

Article II
The purpose for this Corporation is as follows:
    A.    To promote the sport of skeet shooting.
   B.    To guide, encourage, and assist in the organization of skeet clubs in the state of Alabama.
   C.    To standardize rules, policies, and plans for tournament shooting and to act as sanctioning body for competition skeet shooting.
   D.    To provide a sponsoring and governing body for the conduct of the annual state championship skeet shooting competition.
   E.    To strengthen those clubs already organized through the dissemination of information pertaining to skeet activities throughout the state of Alabama and the United States.

Article III
Section I - Membership
   A.    Club membership in ASSA shall be open to duly organized clubs situated in the state of Alabama whose objectives, constitution, and by-laws conform to the requirements of this document and the rules and by-laws of the NSSA.
   B.    Club membership will be restricted to skeet clubs which annually meet all of the following criteria:
         (1)    Must have a minimum pf five current NSSA members.
         (2)    Must have at least one NSSA specification skeet range.
         (3)    Must hold two open, two gauge 100 bird shoots (or two 4x50 events) per year. 
         (4)    Must have thrown 2,000 registered targets in the past year (Not applicable to newly established clubs).
C.    Removal, Expulsion, and Suspension:
       (1)    Non-payment of annual dues automatically suspends a member club from all authority and privileges in the business affairs of ASSA and bars the club from conducting sanctioned registered shoots.
       (2)    Non-payment of daily shooter fees and failure to submit individual shooter records within 15 days after a registered shoot results in suspension of a club and cancellation of approved sanctioned shoots for the remainder of the year.  Suspension may be lifted by the President on payment of outstanding monies and re-submission of requests for sanctioned skeet shoots.
       (3)    Clubs may be expelled for cause by two-thirds vote of the board.
D.    New clubs may be admitted to membership by submitting an application in writing to the Secretary-Treasurer prior to the annual business meeting or the November meeting.  Such applications shall include the name and address of the principle executive officer.

Section II - Board of Directors
A.    The board of directors (board) will constitute the principal executive body of the ASSA with authority to carry out the objectives of the ASSA in accordance with the defined by-laws contained herein.
B.    Board members will consist of the current national directors from the state of Alabama, the current elected and appointed state officials, and one member designated in writing from each club holding valid and current membership in ASSA.

Section III - Officers
A.    ASSA officers shall consist of a President and a Vice-President who are elected by the membership, and a Secretary-    Treasurer and Chief Referee who are appointed by the President.
B.    The Vice-President shall succeed to the presidency in the event of a vacancy in that office.
C.    A vacancy in the vice-presidency will be filled by the board when the remaining term of office warrants such action.
D.    The officers of the Alabama Skeet Shooting Association shall be elected by the members at the annual meeting held at the state shoot and assume office effective November 1st through October 31st of the following year.

Article IV

Section I - Board of Directors (Board)
A.    The board shall conduct the affairs and exercise the powers defined in this instrument within the restrictions imposed by the articles of incorporation of the ASSA.
B.    The board shall constitute such committees as it deems necessary to further the purpose and objectives of ASSA.
C.    All officers retain their status as board members, if applicable, with full power to vote as such.

Section II - President
A.    The President is the Chief Executive Officer of the ASSA.
B.    The President shall appoint a Secretary-Treasurer and a Chief Referee.
C.    The President shall preside at and conduct duly constituted     board meetings.  In case of a tie vote by the board, he is authorized a vote to break the tie.
D.    The President shall organize and act as shoot manager at the annual state championship shoot with executive authority for the conduct of the annual championship shoot and financial affairs of the ASSA.
E.    The President may be removed from office by a two-thirds vote of the board.

Section III - Vice-President
A.    The Vice-President shall assume the duties of President in the event of incapacity or extended out-of-state absence of the President.
B.    The Vice-President may be removed from office by a two-thirds vote of the board.

Section IV - Secretary-Treasurer
A.    The Secretary-Treasurer is appointed by and serves at the pleasure of the President.
B.    The Secretary-Treasurer shall document and maintain the business and financial records of ASSA.  The financial records shall be presented to the member clubs at the November meeting and a final report at the close of the officer’s tenure.
C.    The Secretary-Treasurer shall establish and maintain mail contact with member clubs and act as the point of contact for registered shoot sanction approval by ASSA.

Section V - Chief Referee
A.    The Chief Referee is appointed by and serves at the pleasure of the President.

B.    The Chief Referee is the technical authority of ASSA and will certify club skeet facilities for conformance to NSSA specifications.  He will recruit and certify authorized NSSA referees for duty at ASSA sanctioned events including the state shoot.
C.    The Chief Referee is responsible for the operation of the ranges during the state championship shoot and will ensure the correct posting of scores shot in the championship shoot and certification of award winners.

Article V
Section I - Annual Meeting
A.    The normal business affairs of ASSA will be consummated at the meeting which will take place during and at the site of the state championship shoot at a time and location designated in the state shoot program.
B.    Fixed agenda items for the meeting will be sequenced as follows:
       (1)    Reading of the minutes of the last meeting and any special meetings during the year.
       (2)    Reports of officers.
       (3)    Reports of committees.
       (4)    Old business.
       (5)    Selection of state championship shoot site.
       (6)    Election of officers.
       (7)    New business.
C.    Robert’s Rule of Order will govern the conduct of all meetings where not otherwise provided for in this instrument.

Section II - November Meeting
A.    The outgoing President shall schedule a board meeting normally to be held the second Sunday in January at a location of his selection in the central one-third of the state. The annual meeting may be held in a manner conductive to maximize participation by membership (i.e., on-site, on-line virtual meeting, or via a conference call. Thirty days’ notice of the time and location of the meeting shall be provided to all ASSA affiliated clubs.
B.    Fixed agenda items for the meeting will be sequenced as follows:
       (1)    Reading of minutes of the annual meeting and any special meetings held subsequent to the annual meeting.
       (2)    Presentation of financial report.
       (3)    Report of Officers.
       (4)    Report of committees.
At this point the conduct of the meeting is turned over to the incoming President (if required)
       (5)    Old business.
       (6)    Action on membership applications for new clubs.
       (7)    Allocation of shoot dates to ASSA clubs.
       (8)    New business.

Section III - Special Meetings

A.    Special meetings may be called at the discretion of the President.  Thirty days’ notice of the time and place of the special meeting will be provided via certified mail to the member clubs.
B.    Special meetings may be called by a majority of the board by written thirty day notice to the President and Secretary-Treasurer of the time and location of such meeting.
C.    Two-thirds of the board sitting in locus will constitute a quorum for special meetings.
D.    Only the specific business for which a special meeting has been called may be consummated at a special meeting unless all board members are present.

Section IV - Special Business

A.    Special business pertaining to by-laws may be conducted by the President by correspondence.  Such correspondence shall delineate the question(s) in such a manner that a “yes” or “no” will indicate the choice.
B.    The question of the special business will be mailed via certified mail to all board members with a thirty day suspense on replies.
C.    A majority vote of the total board of directors will decide the question.
D.    Correspondence votes on a special business matter will become ASSA official records and will be presented at the next duly constituted board meeting for canvass.

Article VI 

Except where specifically delineated otherwise, a two-thirds vote of a duly constituted board can amend or change the constitution and a majority vote of a duly constituted board can amend or change the by-laws.


I.  Business
A.    Application for club membership in this association shall be made in writing to the Secretary-Treasurer.  The application, accompanied by the annual membership fee, shall be signed by the chief executive officer of the applying club and shall set forth the following information:
    1.    The name and location of the club.
    2.    The names of its officers.
    3.    A statement of willingness to be bound by the constitution and by-laws of this association.
The Secretary-Treasurer shall present the submitted application and supporting data to the board of directors for their vote or rejection.

B.    The succeeding year’s annual dues for club membership are due on or before the November meeting.  Club dues not received by the November meeting will prohibit delinquent clubs from having registered shoots approved until said dues are paid.
C.    Applications for registered shoots shall be made to the ASSA Secretary-Treasurer at least thirty days in advance of the desired date.  The ASSA will endorse and forward completed applications to the NSSA when it does not conflict with a previously sanctioned shoot in the same area.
D.    All registered shoots sanctioned by the ASSA shall be conducted in strict accordance with current NSSA rules.
E.    Registered shoot sanctions will not be granted when annual    dues are in arrears.
F.    Any NSSA member with an Alabama mailing address who is a Member of an Alabama club and has shot 100 registered targets in the state of Alabama within the last 12 months is an ASSA member in good standing.
G.    During the first two weeks of January the President will hold a meeting of the Alabama Skeet Shooting Association for the purpose of establishing the major shoot dates in Alabama for the year.  Each club is expected to be represented at this meeting to request shooting dates.  In the event a representative of a club cannot be in attendance, the club may request dates by letter to the President (post mark dates and time to govern priority).  Other dates for major shoots can be requested later in the year provided conflicts do not exist for these dates.

II. Financial

A.    Annual dues for all club memberships in the ASSA are defined in the standing rules.  The dues are to be paid on or before the January meeting defined in article V, section II of the constitution.
B.    The fiscal year of the ASSA shall end December 31st.
C.    The ASSA shall require the collection of a state registration fee as prescribed in the standing rules.  The fees shall be collected by the club holding the shoot and same shall be remitted along with the properly completed state copy of the registration form to the Secretary-Treasurer of the ASSA within 15 days after completion of the registered shoot.  Out of state shooters participating in any registered shoot within the state shall pay the same registration fee.
D.    The financial activities of ASSA shall be kept at a minimum. No moneys or funds of ASSA shall be expended and no indebtedness incurred unless ordered by the board of directors except such necessary expenses as may be required for routine business of the Secretary-Treasurer which shall be ratified by the board if same has been approved by the President, or in his absence the Vice-President, at the time of expenditure.
E.    All ASSA accounts must be two signature accounts (President and Treasurer).

III. State Championship Shoot

A.    It is the intent of the ASSA that the state championship shoot be open to all ASSA members in good standing.  The financial affairs of the ASSA shall be conducted so as to lower the entrance fees to the practical minimum so that no qualified state shooter is excluded from entering the state championship due to cost.
B.    The location of the state shoot will be determined on a rotational basis of all qualified clubs.  A qualified club must have at least five standard NSSA skeet fields in order to be eligible to host the state shoot.

    Any club NOT wanting to host the state shoot should state their intent at the annual meeting one year in advance.  Any eligible club wanting to be added to or wishing to be removed from the rotation should notify administration at this time.
    The club hosting the state shoot will be reimbursed for targets at cost per target plus 5 cents.  The hosting club will be reimbursed for all registered targets and shoot off targets plus 4% for show targets.  Cost verifiable by invoice not to exceed reasonable market rates.
    The club hosting the state shoot will be responsible for all of the food at the state shoot.  The hosting club will be reimbursed $5.00 per gun entry by the ASSA for Friday night hor’dourves and a Saturday night banquet.  All shooters will not incur any additional costs for Friday and Saturday night.  Fees for non-shooters, and guests, and any other food provided will be at the discretion of the hosting club.

    The club hosting the state shoot will provide shells for proof doubles for broken targets.
    The club hosting the state shoot must throw solid orange targets.

    The President of ASSA is responsible for and shall negotiate a signed agreement with the management of the club hosting the state shoot.  The agreement is to include the cost of targets and shall delineate the support personnel for range operations and support facilities.  A standard agreement will be maintained in the files of the ASSA Secretary for use by the President as a baseline for negotiations.

C.    ASSA will use NSSA classification tables for all events at the state shoot.  The events will be Doubles, 12 Gauge, 20 Gauge, 28 Gauge, .410 Bore, and 4 Gun HOA (without doubles). AAA class will be used in all events at the state shoot (5 shooters (minimum) are required to use this class).

Class Levels as set by NSSA.

    Awards will be presented in all events to Champion, Runner-Up, Third, and three places in all classes.
    Any person winning their first state championship in any event will receive a championship ring provided by the state association.  Rings for subsequent championships may be purchased by the shooter.

    Concurrent awards will be based on the following table:
        State Shoot Concurrent Awards Table
          Sub Junior (SJ)        CH
          Junior (JR)            CH
          Collegiate (CL)        CH
          Triple Sub Senior (TS)    CH, RU, 3rd
          Sub Sub Senior (SU)        CH, RU, 3rd
          Sub Senior (SS)        CH, RU, 3rd
          Senior (SR)            CH, RU, 3rd
          Veteran (VT)            CH, RU
          Senior Veteran (SV)        CH
          Super Veteran (VV)        CH
          Lady (LY)            CH, RU
          Military (ML)            CH, RU
          Retired Military (RM)        CH, RU, 3rd
          Military Veteran        CH
          Novice (NO)            CH
          Family (FM)            CH
          Husband/Wife (HW)        CH
          2 Man Team (2M)        CH and class I, II-1st, 2nd
          5 Man Team (5M)        CH and class I, II-1st

    All other concurrent places receiving All American points will be honors only and reported to NSSA.
    Shooting rotation will be used at the state shoot.
D.    Two person teams and five person club teams at the state shoot will be based on the following team averages:
  1.    Five person club team eligibility will be determined by home club designation on the front of participants NSSA classification card.
  2.    Two person and five person club teams are not required to shoot shoulder to shoulder at the state shoot.
  3.    Two person and five person club team state champions will be the team with the highest team score regardless of class.  Ties will be shot off in the prescribed manner.
E.    Shoot off procedures for the state shoot will be doubles at stations 3, 4, and 5 miss and out by station.  HOA and HAA shoot offs will be conducted with the .410.  No lower level shoot offs will be conducted during an event championship shoot off.  Classes decided up to the point where a shooter drops out are valid. Ties for all concurrent championship titles will be shot off INDEPENDENTLY.  A notice to this effect will be included in the state shoot program or conspicuously posted at registration to acknowledge variance with NSSA rule II-B-8-b.
F.    The date of the Alabama State Championship Shoot shall be the last full weekend in May exclusive of the Memorial Day weekend.

IV. All-State Team

A.    The Alabama all state team recognized at the state shoot will consist of:
    1)    Open First Team
    2)    Open Second Team
    3)    One Lady
    4)    One Junior
    5)    One Sub Junior

    The Alabama all state team recognized in the skeet shooting review will consist of the above plus:
    1)    One Triple Sub Senior
    2)    One Sub Sub Senior
    3)    One Sub Senior
    4)    One Senior
    5)    One Veteran
    6)    One Senior Veteran
    7)    One Super Veteran
    8)    One Collegiate
    9)    One Military
    10)    One Retired Military
    11)    One Military Veteran
    12)     One Novice
    13)    All high volume shooters who shot 10,000 or more registered targets, including doubles

B.    The Alabama all state team will be selected on the basis of highest overall average.  Minimum target requirements for the four gauges used to compute the overall average will be 800 registered targets.  
C.    Only targets shot at open registered shoots will be counted toward minimums and used for average.  Monthly targets, league targets, and targets only are excluded from the calculation, except where a sub junior, junior, or collegiate shooter chooses not to pay the mandatory purse portion of an entry fee.
D.    At least one half of the NSSA standards in each gauge and doubles required to qualify for the all-state team must be shot away from the shooter’s home club or location where the shooter registers most of his/her targets.
E.    The open first team will consist of the highest five overall averages with the member with the highest average designated as “Captain”.  In the event of a tie, “Co-Captains” may be declared.
   1.    The open second team will consist of the next highest five overall averages.
   2.    Multiple all state awards will not be made to an individual. Only the highest award earned will be awarded.  For selection purposes the award order is, from highest to lowest; open first team, open second team, lady, age concurrent, collegiate, military, retired military, military veteran, and novice.
   3.    The all-state team recognized at the state shoot will all receive the same tangible award.  Differences such as engraving to designate award earned and “Captain” are allowed.
F.    A shooter must shoot the state championship shoot to be considered for the All-State team.  If circumstances prevent a shooter from shooting the state shoot and he/she feels that the cause was beyond their control, the shooter can submit to the President a statement of facts which will be reviewed by the shoot committee.  Their decision will be final.
G.      All Alabama resident shooters who participate in the Alabama State Championship Shoot are eligible for selection to either the All-State Team or for individual concurrent recognition (subject to minimum scores or target count requirements). The ASSA President will determine eligibility and select the all-state team and concurrent award recipients.  Data for determination is available online or may be requested from the NSSA.
H.     In addition to being listed in the Skeet Shooting Review, a certificate of recognition will be presented to the thirteen individuals recognized by the ASSA for their success in the various age; collegiate; military; and novice concurrent categories listed in paragraph IV. A, above.

Alabama State Skeet Shooting Hall of Fame

A.    The Alabama state skeet shooting hall of fame provides for the selection and honoring of state residents who have distinguished themselves by a high degree of shooting proficiency in the sport of skeet shooting and/or by major contributions to the promotion and welfare of the sport.  The ASSA is responsible for establishing and maintaining a location for the display of any plaques, pictures, and citations for members of the hall of fame.
B.    A hall of fame committee will be formed to make selections to the hall of fame in accordance with the Alabama skeet shooting hall of fame guidelines document.  The three member committee is to remain anonymous with one member being replaced each year.  The new member is appointed by the President in January of each year.

Frazier Award

A.         The Alabama Skeet Shooting Association has the opportunity to present an award named in Honor of James (Jim) Frazier.  The Frazier Award is to be presented to an Alabama shooter, who in the opinion of the selection committee, has continued the efforts of the Award’s Namesake in supporting the development and continuation of the Sport of Skeet Shooting in Alabama.  The intent of the Award is to recognize an individual who has dedicated a tremendous amount of time and money to our clubs, and the sport, simply for the love of the game.
B.          A committee will be formed to make selection(s) to receive the Frazier award in Accordance with the award guidelines document.  The three member committee is to remain anonymous with one member being replaced each year.  The new member is appointed by the President in January of each year.


1.    The President can make the decision on whether to throw away old records.  This can be done on or about February of each year concerning records of the previous year.  Records that must be retained by the association are the minutes; financial reports for five years; copies of the ASSA     constitution, by-laws, and standing rules; the hall of fame Guidelines; the Frazier Award Guidelines; and all historical records relating to all-state teams, state champions, and the hall of fame.
2.    Target registration fees for all registered targets shot in Alabama will be 2 cents per target.
3.    The following traveling trophies are presented each year to the event champion for one year and returned to the state shoot at the recipient’s expense the following year.
     Doubles        Big Sky Skeet & Trap Club
     12                Red Eagle Gun Club
      20            Muscle Shoals Skeet & Trap
     28            Fort Rucker Skeet Club
     410            Jim Frazier
     HOA            ASSA
     HAA            Harrell Howell

    5 Man Club Teams

  12 Gauge        MARS Skeet & Trap Club
  20 Gauge        Red Eagle Gun Club
  28 Gauge        Muscle Shoals Skeet & Trap Club
  .410 bore        Fort Rucker Skeet Club
  Doubles        MARS Skeet & Trap Club
  HOA            Fort Rucker Skeet Club

 VT/SV/VV HOA    Joe Godwin
  Retired Military    Anonymous Donor
  Military Veteran    Anonymous Donor

4.    The ASSA officers shall pass at least $2,500 of the treasury funds to the new administration in January of each year.
5.    Annual dues for all club memberships in ASSA shall be $50.00 per year payable on or before the January meeting.
6.    The ASSA will purchase and maintain liability insurance.
7.      All references herein to the use of “Mail” or “Certified Mail” shall be construed as to allow for the use of electronic communications in lieu of US Postal Service mailings.